The ‘Max+ LED Light Therapy’ is the latest in beauty technology and has been taking the world by storm! Become a part of the beauty revolution and experience the fantastic results that Max+ can offer! This service is exclusive to Beauty to Impress and cannot be found anywhere else in the Illawarra!

Max+ is a non-invasive and safe treatment designed to combat the signs of ageing and problematic skin. Max+ works on encouraging better cellular communication to work on improving dull complexions, revitalising, toning, calming, purifying and naturally stimulating your collagen with overall rejuvenation visible for all to see.

Max+ is an intelligent L.E.D unit that uses a number of wavelengths to directly rebalance, heal and rejuvenate your skin cells. Max+ can be used to compliment any of the skin treatments offered at Beauty to Impress or as a stand alone skin programme.

So what does the ‘Max+ LED Light Therapy’ do?  

  • Minimises fine lines and wrinkles
  • Heals blemishes and sun-damaged skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Regenerates / stimulates collagen
  • Increases circulation to the skin
  • Lessens skin coarseness and smoothes texture
  • Reduces overall redness and flushing
  • Activates fibroblast cells which create collagen and elastin
  • Reduces melanin production, which causes brown age spots
  • Creates more skin moisture
  • Promotes nutritional elements existing within the skin

But is the ‘Max+ LED Light Therapy’ suitable for me?

The ‘Max+ LED Light Therapy’ is perfect for those who wish to minimise the visible signs of ageing and wish to refresh and rejuvenate their skin. It is recommended for those that want to clarify their complexion and minimise acne breakouts. The ‘Max+’ is great as a post-treatment procedure as it reduces redness, speeds up the healing process and helps to achieve the flawless, even skin tone that we all crave!

What is LED?

From a skin care perspective Light-Emitting Diode is the basis for photo-modulation, a scientific process that uses wavelengths in the visible light spectrum to send calibrated packets of light into the dermal layer, setting off a frenzy of cellular activity to produce softer, more youthful looking skin.

Why LED?

When different elements are thrown out of balance through unhealthy living habits, ageing or outside forces, we often notice a dull complexion, blotchy tired skin, fine lines, wrinkles and photo ageing. All these are direct results of unbalanced cells.

The MAX+ device uses the 6 colours from the visible light spectrum to promote balance and healing. Each colour has its own frequency and vibration. Through extensive research, we know that colour and light bring physical, mental, spiritual and emotional systems to balance.

How long has this technology been around?

Light Therapy has been used in Europe for over 30 years and has been the subject of over 2,500 scientific papers published world wide.

This technology was originally developed by NASA to improve wound healing and tissue growth in space. It assisted with tired and fatigued astronauts upon their return. The potential of this technology was uncovered and introduced into the medical markets.

There are no reported side effects to the treatments, which are painless, non-toxic and complement many other treatments.

The Benefits

Each of the six coloured wavelengths of the visible light spectrum is associated with specific properties. 

Wavelength Benefits
Near InfraRed – 830nm Infra Red targets cells involved in amplifying collagen and elastin formation, providing deeper stimulation and greater skin volume. The infra red increases the energy inside cells which speeds up the healing process and stimulates the deeper levels of the skin for increased toning, firming, and oxygenation.
Red – 633nm Anti ageing, stimulates collagen production hence reduces fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenating, increases blood flow, anti-inflammatory, illuminates dull complexions, revitalizing, energizing, aids in cellular nutrition, leaving the skin with a healthy glow
Yellow – 590nm Toning and tightening of muscles, stimulant for the sensory motor nervous systems, detoxifying
Green – 525nm Anti-inflammatory, calming and soothing effect, recommended for capillaries and Rosacea, traumatized skin and for fading pigmentation and skin discolourations
Blue – 450nm Antispasmodic properties, relaxed muscles, lines and wrinkles and promotes cellular communication
Violet – 415nm Purifying, anti-bacterial, especially for acne, problematic and oily skin

For best results Max+ should be used as a course of treatments. Prior to any treatments you will receive a full skin consultation to determine a suitable course to deliver the results you desire.


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