Welcome to Impress Laser Clinic.


At Impress Laser Clinic we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an amazing skin and beauty treatment, a treatment that is tailored to the individual skin, beauty and health needs of every single client…

We assist our clients to look and feel wonderful, we utilise the best skin products available on the market, so we give our clients a wonderful, rejuvenating, invigorating experience and I suppose, a new lease on life.

How it works is we welcome our clients warmly into our clinic. We get to know exactly what treatment it is they are looking for and if they are not sure, we provide a skin analysis and advise them on the best products to use on their skin along with suggesting some treatments that we know will deliver the results that they are looking for.

Once we take on a new client, our intention is to look after them for life, so it is very important that after every visit they feel that they have experienced an amazing skin and beauty treatment, which they do!

We offer our clients exactly what they want and deserve; from designer brows, organic facials to micro-dermabrasion or medical grade laser.

Impress Laser Clinic is also unique in that they create beauty packages to give their clients more for their money. Several treatments will be combined into one package so that clients can experience a luxurious treat at an affordable price.

At Impress Laser Clinic, clients are educated about the products and treatments available and taught how to recreate the same experience in their very own home. This enables the clients to have healthy, youthful looking skin and feel confident about their appearance every day.

Impress Laser Clinic has been named as a finalist in the Illawarra and South Coast Local Business Awards several times. This has been an exciting opportunity for the business as they continue to strive for fantastic customer service.

The services we provide are for people with

  • Acne/ Acne Scarring
  • Sun-damaged & Aged Skin
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Congestion & Dull Skin
  • Pigmentation & Thickened Skin
  • Open Pores

All of which we can assist them with removing or reducing the symptoms and to ultimately look and feel their absolute best!